The Book Breakthrough Advertising

“Now There's a VIDEO
That Goes With The
$10 Million Book ”

Gene Schwartz

In a RARE Stroke of Luck
We Were Able to Find a Video
That Was Recorded When
Gene Schwartz Revealed His
PROCESS of Writing Copy

This Information is NOT in
Breakthrough Advertising

It is Entirely NEW and
Unique Material

Dear Marketer,

     He left this out of the book .

     Although Gene shared his most intimate knowledge and secrets in his book, Breakthrough Advertising, he held back on one thing...

    The PROCESS he used to write copy.

     What the process is about is what he does when he actually sits down to write copy.

     How long he writes. What he does when he writes. Etc.

     This is the missing piece of the puzzle.

     It was thought to be gone forever. But...

     By a sheer stroke of luck one of Gene's clients came forward after his death and revealed that Gene had given a workshop on his writing process to a group of their employees (other writers, graphic artists and various mail order support staff).

     It's the only one known to exist.

     The seminar was held in confidence and although it was video taped it was never meant to be released.

     However, permission was obtained from Gene's estate to finally release a few copies to the general public.

     And that's why we can, at least for a very short time, offer you this unique and valuable video.


     He wrote one ad that sold 1.98 million copies of a single $25 book.

That’s nearly $50 Million!

     He also wrote the ad that started Boardroom Reports, one of the most successful direct response companies of all time. His headline for that was:

"Read 300 Business Magazines in 30 Minutes."

     The Boardroom company started in 1962 with only $5,000 and by using that headline rose to doing 25 million dollars in gross volume in 1985 ( and much more today). For more about this see the Breakthrough Advertising info.

     Just HOW he went about writing these winners is revealed in this video... :

And Now,
It Can Be YOURS!

     At least for a short time and while supplies last.

Gene Schwartz

“These principles work. They discover markets. They build markets. They intensify markets. They revitalize markets. They perform, in sum, the invaluable function of giving you customers for the products you want or have to sell. And that’s what we all need, isn’t it? Customers.”

     This video comes on a DVD and can be played either on your home DVD player or your computer, if it has a DVD playing capability in it.

      I can not guarantee how long this will be available. Release of the video is subject to approval by Gene's estate and it could be withdrawn at any moment.

     So, please order this now. It's easy to do. Just click on the appropriate order button below and we'll have it quickly on it's way to you. For now, while supplies last, it's only $49.97 + $5 S&H for the US. (Canada $10 S&H, All Others $15 S&H).

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Carl Galletti Top Internet Marketer

My Very Best to You,
Carl Galletti
Carl Galletti

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